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Everest Smart LED Mirror

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Original price $995.00
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Size: 58 inches x 34 inches

The Everest smart LED mirror's sleek look is undeniably immaculate. Strong front lighting and an elegant frame immediately grab the attention of their audience. Minimal in its design, it does not overpower with prestige, but rather enhances the beauty of its space. 

You no longer have to choose between style and functionality because the magnifier and IR sensor in the Everest combine both of these features. For flawless makeup application and grooming, the magnifying option and its front- and back-lit lighting provide the most accurate depiction of your face possible.

The 3x magnifying glass is one of our most popular choices, as customers love to use it as a makeup mirror, elevating their space to a new level. With a closer inspection, the magnifying glass reveals all flaws. It helps boost your confidence.


Touch Controls
3 Built-in LED Color Options [Warm/Neutral/White]
Dimmable LED
Time & temparature
Bluetooth Music
Call Functionality
Magnifying Glass


Size: 58 inches x 34 inches
Orientation: Horizontal
LED Color: Warm/Neutral/White
Voltage: 110V


5mm Silver Mirror
Edge Banding
Heat Resistant